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Double Mint . . . Wedding?!

Dear Atlas Party Rental Blog Readers,

So I didn’t think it could happen, but I witnessed something that I never expected to see with my own eyes.

A double wedding.

Yeah. A double wedding. Are you disappointed? Thought I was going to say something like aliens or something right? That’s another blog on a different kind of website!

We’ve probably all heard of double weddings. Maybe we’ve seen them on TV. I can remember a few times of even seeing large numbers of people getting married together for some reason like New Year’s Eve or a special religious (or non-religious) date.

That wasn’t what this was. Nope. This was two sisters.

“Two sisters?!” you ask.

Yup. Two sisters.

“What two sisters want to have a double wedding?” you may wonder.

A good question. The answer: these two sisters.

Of course, it wasn’t always the plan. They aren’t twins or anything like that. They just happened to get engaged at the same time.

They could have had two weddings, but here was the thought process: They both knew that their families, and the families of their fiancés, were scattered all over the world. It would have been a real bummer to ask their families to take TWO trips for TWO separate weddings in the span of only a few months, or even a year.

What would have happened if one cousin, or uncle or some other relative came to one and not the other?!

They really wanted to make it easy on their family and thought of them first. You know I love it when even organizers think of their guests!

Here’s the unique thing about this wedding beyond that it was a double wedding. It really wasn’t a double wedding . . . it was a double reception! The brides had two separate ceremonies, but shared the reception! Isn’t that a great idea?!

It was a HUGE party. There were close to 450 people there. The wedding parties had opposite sides of the dance floor and one side was for one sister and the other was for the other. But it was really a great time! I never thought I would see a father dance with two of his daughters on the day of their wedding at the same time! What was more was that everyone was in love with how fun the concept was. There was even one bridesmaid who was in both wedding parties. She switched dresses half way through!

The Mr. Event takeaway of the week is this: Sometimes we all imagine big days in our lives going a certain way and then they end up being completely different. That isn’t a bad thing especially if you think out of the box and come up with a solution that makes everyone happy.

Mr. Event: Be Prepared!

Dear Atlas Party Rental Blog Readers,

As you know, I make it a habit to go to events of various types. Some of them are big events like weddings and magazine launch parties, while others are a bit smaller like networking events or cocktail parties. I’ve attended events in Boca Raton, Del Ray, Miami and Palm Beach . . . but I’ve also attended many in other states (even other countries).

Every event is different, but there are always certain things that stand out. The point of this blog is to relate to you the things that I notice at various events. If it stands out for me (a relatively clueless guy who just likes to go with the flow), then it’s a big deal. You’re either doing something really right . . . or really wrong!

In all my excursions, I have picked up on something: You can tell within seconds if the organizers of the event knew what they were doing or not.

I recently attended a networking event for young professionals in Boca Raton, FL. I have the greatest amount of respect for the organization who was hosting the event, but the networker itself really missed the mark.

I was surprised because this organization has done them before and is really on top of things usually. They had advertised the event extremely well by tapping into online and social media outlets. They had RSVPs and knew how many people would be attending. All the information you needed was on FB, Twitter, etc. The start and end times of the event were listed as well as the location (which seems obvious, but hold on for a second!).

When I got to the event it was immediately evident that something was wrong. First off, I had arrived a little late (which is rare for me). I completely expected to walk into an event that was already underway. In reality it wasn’t so much of a networker as it was a guided exploration of ideas and thoughts. People who wanted to ask question were to write them down and give them to a moderator. The moderator was then supposed to post the question and anyone who had expertise in that field was to get up to 5 minutes to answer the question.

The problem was that somewhere along the line, three major themes were identified and the attendees we split up and told to go to 3 different locations (that were all nearby the main location, but in different spots). I was interested in a topic that ended up having to leave the original restaurant. When I arrived at the second location, I was the first one. The restaurant manager didn’t even know what I was talking about when I asked where to go for the networker/conference!

I ended up leaving, going back to the original spot, sitting down and then was told to go back to where I had just come from. This time I waited for other people to join me. We got to the new location (45 minutes after the scheduled start time) and sat down. We ordered some drinks and a few appetizers and waited to start.

Eventually it did, but it was getting late. When it got underway, it was disorganized and only a few people got to speak. It was a total bummer.

The Mr. Event Takeaway of the week is this: You can have the best idea in the world (which I thought this one was going to be), but lack of preparation and planning can really sabotage its success. They say the devil is in the details and they are right. If you’re throwing an event, you can have all the right event rentals, flowers, speakers, food and entertainment, but if you don’t take a step back and make sure that everything is planned well . . . it will all fall apart.

Mr. Event: Oh No Way!

Dear Atlas Party Rental Blog Readers,

I’m not usually super observant when I’m not on the prowl for awesomeness at events and parties, so last week when I was at dinner with my father at an undisclosed restaurant something happened that I couldn’t ignore if I wanted to.

Sitting at the table next to us was a lone diner (don’t get me started on seeing people eat alone in restaurants; it makes me quite sad actually). Anyway, the lone diner got up to use the bathroom and placed his cloth napkin on the table. As he walked away, the napkin slipped from the table and landed on the floor.

Before too long, a waitress came by and noticed the napkin.

“Oh good,” I thought. “She’ll get a new napkin for the gentleman.”

Wrong. . . wrong.

The waitress picked up the napkin (from the floor as I mentioned before), folded it, and placed it back on the table right next to the gentleman’s food!


Now, I don’t know about you, but something about that really grossed me out. Maybe the restaurant has professional steam cleaning elves that come in every night and power clean the floors to the point where you could operate off of them, but I doubt it.

As far as service is concerned, what would it have taken for the waitress to get a new napkin for the guest? Again, maybe it wasn’t a big deal, but why take a chance?

The Mr. Event takeaway of the week is: The smallest of details really count. Again, it wouldn’t have been any big deal for the waitress to get a new napkin instead of picking one off the floor and then placing it near the customer’s food for them to use again. What I do know is that it is going to be a very, very long time before I go to that restaurant again. It may be unfair to think this, but if they did something like that in the open in front of other customers, I don’t want to know what corners are being cut back in the kitchen!

Mr. Event: There’s an APP for That!

Dear Atlas Party Rental Blog Readers,

I actually remember a time before phone APPs existed. Believe it or not, but I remember a time before cell-phones existed! I’m not old enough to remember a time before phones themselves existed, but I can imagine it was quite a place.

Nowadays there’s an APP for everything . . . including events!

I recently went to Sunfest in West Palm Beach. It’s a great music festival! The Bangles were there this year! No lie! I almost proposed to Susanna Hoffs, but unfortunately the Sunfest APP didn’t do that.

Anyway, the APP did a lot of great things including listing the bands that were playing and allowing you to make a personalized schedule for which ones you wanted to see.

That was great, but the most impressive part was something I didn’t know it could do. On Saturday, there were some pretty serious storm clouds rolling in. People were worried. One of the people I was with was wondering what would happen if it started to rain. Would the bands still play?

I didn’t know, but the APP did! The organizers of Sunfest sent out a nice message telling everyone that everything was going to be okay. That they’d let us know if any of the bands were going to have to not perform and when it would be okay again.

It wasn’t super impressive by today’s standards, but it was nice. The Mr. Event takeaway this time was that it just goes to show what good planning can do. Using technology is easier than ever. I’m not sure that every event needs an APP, but I have seen it at more places than just Sunfest. A beerfest used one to map out its participants. If you’re throwing an event, and there can be a use for something like this, look into it. Your guests might really be impressed!